Wiring Devices and Controls: part of the EDA Product Knowledge Programme

One of the 12 distance-learning training modules in the EDA Product Knowledge Programme.

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Wiring Devices and Controls is one of 12 stand-alone training courses – or modules – in the EDA Product Knowledge Programme.

Each module is in two parts: a full colour hard-copy text book (which you’ll see on the right) and an electronically fillable End of Module Assessment (EMA).

Here’s what this training course covers

  • Introduction to wiring devices and controls
  • Switches
  • Styles, mounting arrangements and backboxes for wall-mounted socket-outlets and switches and associated products
  • Plugs and socket-outlets
  • Fixed wiring to free wiring connection devices
  • Modular wiring accessories
  • Other overhead lighting accessories
  • Ancillaries
  • Smart controls

At the end of this module, learners will understand:

  • wiring devices for fixed wiring installations; the wiring that is connected to the building fabric itself or to items fixed within the building, such as kitchen furniture (for example, cupboards, worktops), fixed wardrobes, etc;
  • wiring devices and appliance couplers for appliance cords, including plugs;
  • related accessories such as adaptors that connect into plugs, including timers and similar power control devices.

With thanks

The EDA would like to express our gratitude to the following affiliated members for their contribution in developing this training module for the sector:

Working Group Chair: Crawford Flint, Rexel UK Ltd
Working Group members and EDA affiliates:

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