Motivation and Performance Management to Enhance Profit

What would happen if every single employee worked in their dream job, utilized their best talents, worked with inspirational leaders and were fully engaged in their role?
For companies, this scenario leads to breakthroughs in productivity, customer service, profitability, and shareholder value.
Motivation and Performance Management to Improve Profit is a one-day course giving you the skills you need to bring your team alive.

It’s an open course so you can join a group or alternatively commission training just for your business.

Group sizes are ideally 6 people but the training could accommodate 10 at a maximum.

The course fee is £145 per person plus VAT.

Register your interest using the form below and we’ll be in touch.

To talk to the EDA team, call Tracy on 020 3141 7358.

Course aim

To understand how motivation and performance management of individuals and teams can lead to improvements in:

  • productivity
  • customer service
  • profitability, and
  • shareholder value.
Learning format

On the day your training will include:

  • group activities
  • whiteboard activities
  • discussion
  • real-word examples
Training session timings

Friday 17th September, 2021

Session 1: 10.00 – 12.00
Break:  12.00 – 13.00
Session 2: 13.00 – 16:00

Course fee:
£145 per person plus VAT

You can book places either as an open course or a company group with a minimum of 6 delegates.