Support for Merchandising Best Practice

Andy Procter
Group Manager - Redditch Group
City Electrical Factors Ltd

“It’s a superb insight into the psychology of the customer.
“You will learn how to merchandise effectively and why it is an important factor in boosting over the counter sales.
“An excellent investment.”
Alan Reynolds, CEO at FEGIME UK

Alan Reynolds
Fegime UK Buying Group

“The trade counter is one of the best opportunities for wholesalers to both add sales revenue and margin to their businesses.
“We have seen how retail over the years has improved its merchandising and we too in wholesaling need to make sure we stay up to speed with professional looking merchandising.
“This course will help staff to identify the best way to layout point of sale material, keep shelves looking full and fresh and to maximise the Customer Experience whilst adding business to the operation.”
Paul Jenner, CEO, The IBA Buying Group

Paul Jenner
Chief Operating Officer
The IBA Buying Group

“This course is perfect and designed for ‘Decision Makers’ who can drive changes through their businesses.”