Placing your module order

Everything you need to know about ordering EDA Product Knowledge Modules

You’re thinking about who in your business needs training and which modules to order for them. You may find the Course Directory helpful – download it here.

When you’re ready to place your order you’ll need these two forms.

  1. Click on the images above to launch the fillable PDF form;
  2. Save each form onto your PC. Right click when the form opens and save in your system. You can then reopen the Forms.
  3. Fill the form by clicking on each field;
  4. Return your completed forms to our dedicated in box. If you have completed the forms by hand please fax them to the EDA on 020 7602 0613, or you can scan them and return by email.

Next steps after placing your order

  1. Download ‘Studying for Success: A Guide for Managers’. 
  2. If ordering an electronic module: You will receive an email login to The EDA Academy within 1-3 working days of receipt of your order with PO number/payment. Your courses and assessments will be on your dashboard as you log in.  Please check your junk folder for this email.
  3. If ordering a Textbook module: The Module Textbook(s) will be posted out within 3 – 5 working days of receipt of your payment.
  4. Welcome Letter: you will receive this either electronically or with your posted Textbook – please read it.
  5. Email support: your learner will receive email support from and you, as the manager, are copied in.
  6. Check your junk folder: is an important email address as it is also where the results come from, so please check your junk folder just in case, as we don’t want you to miss crucial information.
  7. Pass, Credit or Distinction: get to grips with the End of Module Assessment (EMA) process.

Choose E-Learning
or Textbook

£99 + VAT for per Module for E-Learning Option
£130 (no VAT applicable) per Module Textbook
Supporting documents when you're opting for e-leaning through The EDA Academy
EDA Academy User Guide for E-Learning Modules
EDA Academy Terms of Use as at 5 April 2024

Two ways to pay for your EDA Modules

Pay in advance by card or BACS

When you place your order the EDA will send you an invoice.  Your books will not be sent out until the invoice is paid.  You can pay the invoice by card or BACS.

Signposting to essential information

Additional learning support or extra time

There are 10 weeks to work through course and to take the End of Module Assessment (EMA).

If the Learner needs additional study support please let us know. This could also include additional time to work through the course or Textbook.

To discuss this support please  email us here.

Transfer window

If the Learner in your team leaves your business after you have placed the order, you can transfer the Module to another member of your team as long as the End of Module Assessment (EMA) has not been requested.  You can only transfer module once.

To request the transfer, please email us here.

End of Module Assessment (EMA)

You’ll find more on the EMA, including a sample and model answers so you know what the assessors are looking for.

It’s important to understand that you, as the Manager, must request the EMA by email, it is not sent out automatically.

When your learner is ready to take their EMA, usually around the 8 week point, email this address with the learner’s name and the module they are studying. The EMA, which is digitally fillable, will be emailed to you as the Manager for you to pass on to your learner.