Modules: how to order

To order your Modules you'll need two forms and both are available to download on this page: the Manager Payment and Order Form and the Learner Application Form.

If you have any questions please call the EDA on 020 3141 7350.

Ordering is easy

For each order you’ll need two forms and the more Modules you order the better the price:

  • 1 Module = £150
  • 2 – 4 Modules = £145 per Module
  • 5+ Modules = £130 per Module

Don’t forget to check out your three payment options here.

Both forms are available as fillable PDFs, which means you can download them and fill them in on your PC.  If you prefer, you can still download, print, and fill them in by hand to fax (020 7602 0613) or email to us:

  1. Manager Payment and Order Form 
  2. Learner Application Form

Please read the Guidance Notes further down this page to help you with your order but if you have any questions contact the EDA team on 020 3141 7350.

Downloading and completing the forms

  1. Click on the images below to launch the fillable PDF form;
  2. Save each form onto your PC. Right click when the form opens and save in your system. You can then reopen the Forms.
  3. Fill the form by clicking on each field;
  4. Return your completed forms to our dedicated in box. If you have completed the forms by hand please fax them to the EDA on 020 7602 0613, or you can scan them and return by email.

Can we help? Use our online form

If you have a question about the EDA Modules, you can use our quick online form.

Click below for the
Manager Payment and Order Form

You only need one of these forms for each order. Please read the guidance notes on this page before placing your order and remember, there are discounts for multiple modules ordered.

Image of the Manager Order Form

Click below for the
Learner Application Form

You’ll need one of these forms for each learner you are ordering for. You can include multiple Learner Application Forms in an order.


Learner Application Form for modules

Your choice of 12 Modules

You can place an order now for all 12 modules, but only the highlighted four below are available to study right now.

  1. Introduction to the Principles of Electricity – available now
  2. Lighting (Introduction) – available now
  3. Wiring Devices and Controls – available now
  4. Distribution, Switchgear and Protection – available now
  5. Fire Safety and Security Systems – available from July 2018
  6. Renewables – available from July 2018
  7. Industrial Controls  – available from July 2018
  8. Customer Services  – available from Sept 2018
  9. Heating and Ventilation – available from Sept 2018
  10. Lighting (Systems and Controls) –  available from Sept 2018
  11. Cables and Cable Management  – available from Sept 2018
  12. IT and Data Infrastructure  – available from Nov 2018

The more you order, the better the price

A single Module costs £150.

For 2 – 4 Modules the price comes down to £145 per Module, and for 5+ Modules it’s reduced event further to £130 per Module.

This discount is applied to your total order, not to the number of modules you order for each learner. You can order for multiple learners in one order.

There are three payment options.

Guidance Notes: please read before placing your order

  1. You should complete one Manager Payment and Order Form per order, but you’ll need to complete a separate Learner Application Form for each person you are ordering modules for. For example, if you are ordering modules for three people, you will need to complete three Learner Application Forms.
  2. Don’t forget to add up the total number of Learner Application Forms you are submitting AND the total number of modules ordered and include this in the boxes provided at the foot of the Manager Payment and Order Form.
  3. On the Learner Form you will need to tell us in which order the Modules will be studied. The next book in the sequence will only be issued once the learner has completed the assessment for the previous module.
  4. You should also complete the total price of the modules orders. The price is clearly shown on the Manager Form:
    a. 1 x module = £150
    b. 2 – 4 modules = £145
    c. 5 modules or more £130 per module
  5. There is no need to add VAT to the prices of the modules.
  6. Check out your payment options, and whether you need to include a copy of your PO with your order.

Dispatching the Modules

Once we’ve received your forms (to place your order simply email them via this link), and you have pre-paid if you don’t have an IET credit account, the first Module textbook will be sent out to you within 3 – 5 working days by FedEx.

Additional learning support or extra time

If the Learner needs additional study support please let us know. This could also include additional time to work through the Module and End of Module Assessment (EMA). The standard timescale is 10 weeks from the start of study to completion and return of the EMA. To discuss this support please email the IET here.

Transfer window

If the Learner in your team leaves your business after you have placed the order, you can transfer the Module to another member of your team as long as the End of Module Assessment has not been requested. To request the transfer, please email the IET here.

End of Module Assessment (EMA): it’s an open-book

10 weeks is the time limit for to complete each Module and EMA. Typically that’s eight weeks to study the Module, and two weeks to complete the EMA.

The EMA is an open-book assessment, which means the learner is allowed to have the Modules textbook with them to refer to.

The EMA does not have to be completed in one sitting, and learners might prefer to break it down into more manageable sections.

Just before the eighth week, the IET will be in touch to organise the EMA.

The EMA is a fillable PDF which is sent to the learner by email, filled in online by the learner and then e-mailed back to the IET for marking along with any additional documents or information that the learner wants to add to their answers.

At no point should the learner send back their textbook, it’s theirs to keep.

The assessment includes:

  • 10 multiple choice questions
  • 5 short answer questions
  • 2 detailed research essays

The results are assessed by our partners, the IET, and if successful one of these grades is awarded:

  • Pass (60% – 70%)
  • Credit (70% – 79%) or
  • Distinction (80% – 100%) is awarded.

A City & Guilds certificate will be sent out for each successful module. Those who study multiple modules will receive an additional commendation from the EDA:

  • 5 modules – EDA Certificate
  • 10 modules – EDA Diploma