EMAs: your insider guide

Building your confidence and helping you succeed in your EDA Product Knowledge Module studies

Your EMA – or End of Module Assessement – will help you turn your hard work into a result to be proud of.

This page offers resources to help you get to grips with how the EMA works, plus plenty of practical advice on achieving success! You’ll receive the results of your EMA 4 – 6 weeks after you’ve returned it. Some EMAs go through moderation, which adds a bit of time. Moderation is no reflection of your Assessment performance, it is an extra benchmarking process to ensure that the marking process is fair for all.

Please make yourself familiar with our Malpractice Policy.

EDA Modules are City and Guilds Accredited

IMPORTANT! End of Module Assessments are not sent out automatically

Managers order the End of Module Assessment (EMA) by sending an email with the learner’s name and module title to:


End of Module Assessment: resources to help build your confidence

How to answer your EMA questions

End of Module Assessment Facts

  • You have 10 weeks to work through your textbook and to complete and return the End of Module Assessment (EMA)
  • Typically, students start their EMA at the 8 week point, but it is up to you and your manger when you complete the EMA
  • Success in your EMA means a Pass (6% – 69%);  Credit (70% – 79%) or Distinction (80%-100%)
  • Your EMA is not sent to you automatically. It is requested by email by your manager. Managers:  please keep checking in with the learner in your team to find out when they are ready to do the EMA.
  • Your EMA is an open book assessment. You can refer to the module textbook, and to other resources both online and printed, during the EMA.
  • Your EMA should be completed electronically. It is a fillable PDF.
  • The format of your EMA is 10 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions and 2 detailed research questions.
  • Some questions require drawings or circuit diagrams:
    • Complete these on a separate sheet as neatly as possible;
    • Write your  full name, the module title and the question number on each separate sheet submitted;
    • Scan and attach to the email when the EMA is returned for marking.
  • Missing your deadline could mean a fail. If your EMA is not returned within the 10 weeks, and no extension has been requested or granted, it will be graded ‘Fail due to non-return.’

Want to get top marks in your End of Module Assessment? Here's how

Read the textbook in full.
Complete all the practice questions.
Use  your textbook and other resources to craft your answers.
 Take your time completing the EMA – you can save it and come back to it.
You must use your own words to answer the questions.
Make sure you answer the question in full. 
Keep drawings/diagrams neat.  Label any components clearly.
Use bullets or numbered items to clearly answer questions.
Answer all questions.    You get no marks if you leave boxes blank.
Check your answers against the textbook before submitting.
Showing you have done additional research will take you into the higher mark area.
Do not copy answers from colleagues.  EMAs must be your own work.
Show any calculations.
Reread your answers before you submit.