Step-by-step guide to the EDA Kickstart Support Service

EDA Kickstarter Service: your step-by-step guide

On this page you’ll find a Step-by-Step guide to the EDA Kickstart Support Service.

Please bear in mind that the information you provide is collected for submission to the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP). The Kickstarter Scheme is funded from the public purse so there is, as you would expect, a high level of accountability and an audit trail.

For any questions contact the EDA Training & Apprenticeships Team on 020 3141 7358 or by email.

Kickstart Support Service

Step 1

Kickstarter’s role,  Job Description & Person Spec

Identify a new role within your organisation and create a Job Description and Person Specification. Download the template here.

  • What tasks will they undertake in your business?
  • Do you need higher level skills? If so, perhaps you’ll need a graduate in the role.
  • What type of person are you looking for?

The Kickstarter cannot fill a role left vacant by redundancy, nor can a Kickstarter replace someone who is on furlough.

Step 2

Register your interest

Step 3

EDA Apprenticeships Plus will contact you

EDA Apprenticeships Plus will progress your Kickstarter brief. Every Kickstarter request has to be approved by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) and the information you share will form part of the contract with the DWP.

Please be ready to share information on:

  • Where your Kickstarter will be working
  • Working pattern
  • The skills they will need – both job-related and soft skills
  • Any PPE that will be required

Step 4

Finding your Kickstarter

You will be notified when your contract is successful. The next step is for EDA Apprenticeships Plus to liaise with the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) in your location to find a match to your Job Description and Person Specification.

Step 5

Shortlisting & Interviewing

EDA Apprenticeships Plus will shortlist candidates.

First Interview: The first interviews will be held remotely and EDA Apprenticeships Plus will meet them on your behalf if you wish, or you are welcome to be part of the first round of interviews.

Second Interview: this will be at your business (the Kickstarter’s place of work) so they can see the environment and undertand their daily journey.

Step 6

Appointing your Kickstarter & HR

Great, you’ve found your Kickstarter. EDA Apprenticeships Plus will appoint them and take care of all the HR paperwork including:

  • Start date/time
  • Purchase of any PPE
  • Wage set-up
  • Liaising with you to organise the induction on the Kickstarter’s first day. The induction should cover health & safety, equality and diversity, safeguarding, eqiupment training.

Step 7

Training, Supporting & Mentoring

EDA Apprenticeships Plus will work with you to design and deliver a training programme for your Kickstarter. This will include at least one EDA Product Knowledge Module, and CV writing and interview skills.


It is important that your appointed Kickstarter is supported properly.  Just like any colleagues, young people will present with different needs, challenges, and behaviours.  You may have a young person who is experiencing the world of work for the first time.

It is important that line managers/mentors get to know the young person and their individual needs so that the programme is customised to support them.  Ensure you understand any additional needs, disabilities, and/or mental health challenges so that they are supported.


EDA Apprenticeships Plus will provide ongoing support and monitoring to both your Kickstarter and you as their manager.  Data and feedback will be shared with you and with the EDA.

Step 8

Kickstarter’s 6-month placement ends

The Kickstarter will be provided with in-depth written feedback on their performance, compiled by EDA Apprenticeships Plus through liaison with you.

If the Kickstarter has proved to be an asset to your business you’ll no doubt want to keep them. You can offer them a job or move them onto an apprenticeship. Your partners at EDA Apprenticeships Plus will talk you though the options.

You will also be asked to provide feedback on the Kickstarter programme, how it has worked for you and what might be done differently.