Apprenticeships in the devolved nations

How apprenticeships work, and the subjects on offer, are not identical across the UK. Here we give you a quick summary of the key differences in each country:

What is the main age group for apprentices?

Scotland: 16 – 24
Wales: any age
Northern Ireland: 16 – 24
England: any age.

Can any other age group access apprenticeships?

Scotland: 25+, but this is limited
Wales: no
Northern Ireland: 25+, but this is limited
England: any age

Will I have to pay cost of training my apprentice?

Scotland: Only for the over 25s
Wales: no
Northern Ireland: no
England: if your business is not a levy payer then you only pay 10% of the cost of training and the government pays the other 90%.

Does the government offer cash incentives that my business could benefit from?

Scotland: yes, based on your location
Wales: no
Northern Ireland: yes, between £250 and £750 depending upon the age of the apprentice and the qualification they are studying
England: yes, and the EDA Apprenticehips Plus team can guide you.

Is the Trade Supplier Apprenticeship Standard available?

Scotland: no, but there is a range of apprenticeship subjects to choose from. EDA Apprenticeships Plus can guide you.
Wales: no, but guidance available
Northern Ireland: no, but guidance available
England: yes and you can find out more here.