Welsh Apprenticeship Cash Payments until 31 January 2022

Build your team’s expertise and secure up to £4,000 apprenticeship cash payment

Welsh Government extends £4,000 apprenticeship cash payment to 31 January 2022.

£4,000 apprenticeship cash payment

The apprentice must be under the age of 25 working 30+ hours per week.

£2,000 apprenticeship cash payment

If the apprentice is under 25 working fewer than 30 hours a week OR they are age 25 and over and working 30+ hours a week.

£1,000 apprenticeship cash payment

If the apprentice is age 25 or over and working fewer than 30 hours a week.

There are 2 routes to the cash payment

1. Recruit a new apprentice

EDA Members & Affiliates are telling us that they are busier than ever.

If that’s your experience now could be the perfect time to use the EDA Apprenticeship Service and secure a new member of staff.

2. Put recent recruits onto an apprenticeship

As long as they have worked in your business for less than 6 months you can switch them on to an apprenticeship.

Upskill you team and keep them motivated and engaged in their role.

You'll find more information on both of these options below

Many apprenticeship options

The EDA Apprenticeship Service is open to all EDA businesses – wholesalers (EDA Members) and manufacturers/solution providers/service providers (EDA Affiliates).

The apprenticeship training you choose will vary depending on the nature of your business and the job role, but here are some of the most popular options available to businesses based in Wales:

  1. Warehousing and Storage
  2. Customer Service 
  3. Business Administrator
  4. Sales & Telesales
  5. Management 
  6. Marketing 

The team at EDA Apprenticeships Plus will work with you to make sure the apprenticeship training matches the job role.

Welsh Apprenticeship Levels

  1. Foundation Apprenticeship: a Level 2 qualification (equivalent to GCSE A*-C Level) that is relevant to the job
  2. Apprenticeship:  a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to A Levels) that is relevant to the job
  3. Higher Apprenticeship: a higher qualification of Level 4 and above. This could be an HNC/HND or Foundation Degree
  4. Degree Apprenticeship: at Level 6 providing the opportunity to gain a full bachelor’s degree. They combine working with studying part time at a university or college.
For over 10 years, the EDA’s Apprenticeship Service has been delivered by our external partners at EDA Apprenticeships Plus.
Their expert team will handle all aspects of the apprenticeship journey for you.

Recruiting a new apprentice: how it works

The EDA works with partners EDA Apprenticeships Plus. Their Hosting Service means:

  1. A member of staff for you (for at least 30 hours per week of work)
  2. All recruitment and management handled for you. Through the Hosting Service, EDA Apprenticeships Plus employs your apprentice on your behalf and you host them in your business. And even though you are not employing them you will still receive the government’s cash payment.

The EDA Apprenticeships Plus Hosting Service covers:

  • Full recruitment campaign:
    • advertising
    • shortlisting
    • pre-screening
    • eligibility checks
    • interview organisation
    • feedback to all candidates
  • Induction
  • HR support and advice, including contracts of employment and related administration
  • Performance management – reviews at months 1, 3 and 9
  • Payroll services
  • Health and safety checks
  • Mentoring support for you and your apprentice
  • Apprentice performance review, pastoral support and, if applicable, disciplinary management
  • Training provider sourcing, selection and contracting.

Recent recruits onto an apprenticeship: how it works

By using the EDA Apprenticeship Service you’ll have access to the experts at EDA Apprenticeships Plus, our partners for over a decade.

They will work with you to identify a suitable programme for your member of staff and offer you a comprehensive service covering:

  • Health and safety checks
  • Mentoring support for you and your apprentice
  • Apprentice performance review and pastoral support
  • Training provider sourcing, selection and contracting