EDA Apprenticeship Service

Your business, our apprenticeship experts

In the warehouseRecruiting an apprentice, researching training courses, contracting with training providers, managing your apprentice’s payroll and HR support all takes time and effort, notwithstanding the specialist knowledge needed to navigate the apprenticeship and training landscape.

With so many calls on your time, you need a service that’s easy to use and takes the extra workload off your hands.

It’s why the EDA has teamed up with the our expert partners at EDA Apprenticeships Plus, who have been offering an apprenticeship service to members and affiliates since 2011.

Apprenticeships can help you to:

  1. recruit new talent to your team, or
  2. train the people you already employ. 

A UK-wide apprenticeship service

The EDA Apprenticeship Service is available across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

The apprenticeship offer in each country varies, but our partners at EDA Apprenticeships Plus are the experts and will guide you through the process and your options.

To find out more, call Rose at the EDA’s head office on 020 3141 7350.

Our trusted partners: introducing EDA Apprenticeships Plus

EDA Apprenticeships Plus has worked in partnership with the EDA since 2011.

Led by Directors John Henry, Tricia Henry and Duncan Naylor, their team of Account Managers has extensive experience in education and training. Their role is to deliver a bespoke service to guide and support you through every aspect of the apprenticeship process, whether you are a manager or an apprentice.

Their extensive knowledge of the training landscape in the UK can also help your business take advantage of any prevailing government cash incentives.

Apprenticeship hosting service

For more on the Apprenticeship Hosting Service

It’s the most popular option for EDA members. The apprenticeship hosting service – delivered by EDA Apprenticeships Plus – covers everything from a recruitment campaign to find your ideal apprentice, through to employing the apprentice on your behalf and you hosting them in your business.

Here we take you through the hosting service, step-by-step.

Here to help: contact the EDA Head Office

Rose Jerez O'Flaherty

Introducing Rose Jerez-O’Flaherty, the EDA’s Education and Training Programme Coordinator:
020 3141 7350 or email, or complete this online form. 

Factsheets to download

In England, the government’s National Apprenticeship Service provides a number of helpful factsheets, which you can download here:

  1. Employer guide to apprenticeships (July 2019)
  2. Supporting young apprentices age 16 – 24
  3. Off the job training: Myth vs Fact
  4. What constitutes off the job training?