EDA training drives team performance

May 31, 2019

Andy O’Hair, Profit Centre Manager for Edmundson Electrical Ltd in Sunderland, explains the positive difference the training offered by the EDA’s distance learning modules – is making to his team’s performance.

“I rarely employ anyone from a competitor wholesaler and I’m a great believer in self development,” explains Andy. “The EDA Product Knowledge Modules are an excellent way to build up knowledge and confidence quickly.

Top performance

“Ryan Potts, one of our Sales Representatives, joined us from the leisure industry and had no background in the electro-technical sector. He has achieved four out of four distinctions in his product knowledge studies, his latest success is in Fire Safety and Security Systems.”

Trade counter confidence

And from Ryan’s point of view,

“The modules have helped me gain confidence when discussing products with customers and understanding what they require when serving on the trade counter” he added. “Overall, I’ve found the modules to be very informative and worthwhile.”

Foundation of knowledge

Andy is full of praise for Ryan’s contribution to the business, adding,

“He is a natural with our customers. Ryan picks things up very quickly, but his product knowledge studies have played a significant part in his development. He was tasked with developing our trade counter and he’s done just that. He has increased our profit, delivered breakfast mornings for customers, and run one of our most successful calibration days.

“And in fact, we’re promoting him to an external sales role. Ryan’s career is taking off and the confidence he’s developed through his studies means he has an excellent foundation of knowledge to build on.”


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