“I’m aiming for the Manager’s job!” says Trade Supplier apprentice Jonathan

June 26, 2018
Photo of Jonathan Grenfell with Branch Manager Dom Lorenzo and Melvin Wright from Aston Training
Jonathan Grenfell, age 21, is an apprentice with Edmundson Electrical in Huddersfield. He is one of the first wholesaling apprentices to join the sector on the new Trade Supplier Apprenticeship Standard. This brand-new apprenticeship, created by wholesalers for wholesalers, launched in April 2018.

Buzz words

When asked how his first few weeks in the sector had gone, Jonathan replied

“It’s been very busy and it’s completely hands-on, which I like. And I’m getting used to the trade counter buzz words used by our electrician customers, so I can start to anticipate the products they need.”


Dom Lorenzo, Profit Centre Manager, is full of praise for his new apprentice.

“It’s been a fantastic experience for us” said Dom “we were really fortunate to have eight excellent candidates to choose from, but Jonathan was the most impressive. He has just the right sort of warm personality that our customers will respond to.

“I have to say that Michelle at EDA Apprenticeships Plus has looked after us really well throughout the whole process. Jonathan’s been with us for about eight weeks now and doing well.

“He works hard but having the right support around him is key. I’ve asked Trevor, one of our experienced team, to be his day-to-day mentor, and I meet Jonathan once a week to check on progress.

Set to rise through the ranks

“We’re also making sure that the work is at the right pace for him. I know he’ll relish more responsibility when the time comes. That’s the great thing about wholesaling, so many of our senior team have come up through the apprenticeship route and there is nothing to stop Jonathan rising through the ranks too. He’s got the right attitude, personality, and appetite for hard work – the product and sector knowledge we can teach, but the other attributes are all his.”