The Electrical Industries Charity commits £50,000 for disaster relief

February 21, 2014

Following weeks of stormy weather, gales and the highest rainfall since 1766, people living in many areas of the UK are suffering the consequences:  displaced from their homes, damaged property, and many with immediate needs and the need for longer term support.

Today the Electrical Industries Charity is launching a UK Disaster Relief appeal.  £50,000 has already been pledged by the charity’s Board of Trustees to help people from our industries across the areas that have been affected.

Pauline Cooke, Chair, said:  “Most charities have reserves set aside for a rainy day.  Well, that rainy day has literally come.  We want to help families facing immediate hardship and support them to get back on their feet.  Our response to this crisis is what The Electrical Industries Charity is all about.”

Jill Nadolski, Operations Manager, said:  “These funds will be used to help people who work or have worked in the electrical, electronics or energy industries who have been impacted by the storms. Eligible individuals will be able to apply for financial assistance for their immediate needs, such as food or temporary accommodation, and also for household items that their insurance won’t cover, up to a maximum of £1,000.  The application form and guidance notes will be available to download from our website later this week.”

In the meantime, the Charity is appealing to everyone in our industries to make a contribution so we can help as many people as possible.

Donations can be made by:

Mobile phone:  text POWR14 £10 to 70070

Online Virgin Money Giving: 

Please visit their website for further details.