Retire peacefully with the Electrical Industries Charity

July 21, 2016

The Electrical Industries Charity has launched its Pensioner Support Programme to help retired colleagues in the electrical industry to live a full life while supporting them with any financial struggles that come their way.

Retirement is traditionally the time when people stop working, but they do not stop living. It can be seen as a new phase in life which can bring a lot of new and exciting opportunities, but there could be a host new of challenges too.

The Pensioner Support Programme assists families in the electrical industry by giving them a way to connect with fellow retired industry colleagues. The Programme allows people to have safer, healthier and more independent retired lives by offering free and confidential advice on debt, telephone counselling, complex case management support, and a will writing service among many other areas.

Don’t let your retirement be a struggle. Contact the Electrical Industries Charity for more information about the Pensioner Support Programme and secure your future. For further details, visit: