Changes to RCDs that wholesalers need to know about

January 29, 2019
Image from front cover of the BEAMA RCD guide

The 18th Edition of the wiring regulation came into effect on 1 January 2019. There are several changes in the Regulations that wholesalers must be aware of so that they can provide the correct products to their customers. These changes bring opportunities and these have been clearly explained by Gary Parker of ECA at recent EDA Regional Business Forums, which you can download here.

Updated bulletin Friday 9/11/18

One of the changes relates to the correct selection and coordination of RCDs. This may equally apply where RCDs are supplied as part of a pre-assembled consumer unit arrangement:

  • In many cases, Type AC RCDs may not be best suited for installations containing electronics, either incorporated within the installation or likely to be fed by it.  
  • Regulations 531.3.3 states that: “different types of RCDs exist, and the appropriate RCD should be selected from the following”
    • Type AC
    • Type A
    • Type B
    • Type F
  • Wholesalers should be preparing to offer the full choice of RCD products as above.

You’ll find more information in BEAMA’s RCD Handbook “BEAMA Guide to the Selection and Application of Residual Current Devices (RCDs)”

The table below taken from page 20 of BEAMA’s RCD Handbook is helpful as a starting point.

EDA recommendations for members

  1. That members read this notice from the ECA (updated January 2019) which contains important information and further useful links.
  2. That members contact their suppliers to get further information on the correct product to stock and offer to customers.

Page 20 from the BEAMA guide