Obituary: Former President Syd Wilkie

July 19, 2017

The EDA is sorry to hear of the recent death of Mr Syd Wilkie, former President from 1997 – 1998.

Mr Wilkie led the organisation when it was called the Electrical Wholesalers’ Federation, the forerunner of the present day Electrical Distributors’ Association.

Mr Wilkie worked for Glasgow firm William C Yuille & Co. This independent electrical wholesale business joined the EWF in 1920, making them one of the earliest members – the EWF was launched in 1914.

Colleagues recall that he ‘broke the presidential mould’ by delivering his EWF Presidential speech in a tartan bonnet and orange wig!

When he retired from the sector, Syd settled in Milton of Campsie, Glasgow, and continued as a business consultant, styling himself as the Company Doctor.

Funeral service

The funeral service is on Wednesday 26 July 2017, 10.45am.


Co-Operative Funeral Parlour
21 Eastside,Kirkintilloch,
Glasgow, G66 1PY

Thereafter to:

High Park Cemetery
North Birdston Road

Then to:

Kincaid House Hotel
Birdston Road
Milton of Campsie
G66 8BZ

If you are interested in attending the funeral, please contact Mr Alan Dunnet, Chairman, Holland House Electrical Co Ltd.

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