FAQs: EDA Product Knowledge Programme your questions answered

August 5, 2019

Here we respond to your FAQs about the EDA Product Knowledge Programme.

This Programme is a suite of 12 stand-alone distance-learning training modules and is available to EDA members (wholesalers) and affiliates (manufacturers and service providers).Ask Rose, the EDA's Education and Training Programme Coordinator

If you can’t find the answer to your query here, please contact Rose, the EDA’s Training and Education Programme Coordinator:

T: 020 3141 7355
E: email the EDA training inbox
Or ask your question using this online form


It is up to you which combination of training modules you choose for your team.

The Programme is flexible so you can tailor the training to suit the individual. If, however, they have no experience in the electro-technical sector, Introduction to the Principles of Electricity could be a good place to start as it underpins the training in the other training modules.

You can view a flip-book preview of each of the 12 modules.

Once you have completed your forms and attached any Purchase Order (check out how to pay via this link), you can send them to this email address.

For each order you’ll need one Manager Form and a Learner Form for each person you want to order modules for. You can include multiple Learner Forms within one order.

No, you receive one Textbook at a time in the order you have specified on your order form. Once the End of Module Assessment (EMA) is completed and returned for the first module, the next one in the sequence will be sent out.

Once your order is received and paid for, using one of the three payment options, your order is sent out from our partners, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET) within three to five working days, in the order in which you requested them. The package will need to be signed for.

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There’s 10 weeks to work through the training Textbook and to complete the End of Module Assessment (EMA). Typically, that’s eight weeks for the textbook and two weeks for the EMA.

Only a Manager can request an EMA. Email the IET via this link, giving the name of the learner and the name of the module being studied.

The EMA is emailed to the Manager as an interactive PDF which needs to be completed electronically. You will need the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader – it is free. You’ll find hints and tips to help you succeed in your EMA here, including a sample EMA and sample answers.

That’s fine. Just attach them to the email when your Manager returns the EMA to the IET for marking.

Yes, a Manager can request an EMA at any point during the 10 week process as long as it is submitted it before the final deadline.

Unfortunately, we are unable to delay Textbooks being sent out as they are automatically triggered once the previous EMA is received. If you know you are going to be away, or the branch will be busy, please get in touch with the IET via email to request an extension.

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Deadline extensions and transfers

A manager can request an extension at any point during the 10 week period even up to the date the EMA is due. To request an extension contact the IET by email.  The learner will automatically receive a four week extension.

No, only modules where the EMA has not been requested can be transferred. If you wish the new learner to complete this module you will need to place a new order.

It’s yours to keep and to refer back to. Please do not send it back to the EDA or the IET.

Unfortunately, your learner has failed because they did not complete and return their End of Module Assessment (EMA) within the 10 week deadline.

If that learner has left your team you can transfer any subsequent modules you have ordered to a new member of your team. You have 4 weeks from receipt of email to get back in touch with the IET before the modules will no longer be transferable. Contact the IET by email regarding the transfer.

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Marking, Grades and Certificates

It can take up to five weeks for you to receive your results. In some cases a further week will be taken for moderation.

If you have not passed and wish to re-take the EMA, please get in touch with the IET by email to request a re-take. The IET will send out a new EMA.

You will have four weeks to complete this and return for marking. Unfortunately the highest grade you can achieve in a resit is a Pass.

To appeal your grade please contact the IET by email to request moderation by a new assessor. You will be notified whether your grade has changed.

Your certificate will be sent to your Manager by post. We hope you will celebrate with a presentation and please send us the photo so we can share your success on our photo gallery.

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