Lighting experts pool knowledge to create EDA training modules

August 20, 2018
Photo of Fegime UK's Alan Reynolds with the first EDA Lighting Module

Alan Reynolds, CEO at Fegime UK, leads the lighting experts

When the EDA was looking for a chair for the Working Group tasked with developing the lighting modules on the EDA Product Knowledge Programme, who better than Fegime UK’s CEO, Alan Reynolds FInstSMM. As well as serving as one of the EDA’s Education and Training Ambassadors, Alan is trained in lighting design, is a City & Guilds approved electrician, and has worked at GE Lighting.

Career training in a fast-changing market

“Looking back over the work we did to develop the lighting modules, I am really proud to have been involved,” says Alan, “Lighting really is a fast-changing market, probably the fastest changing of all product sectors, hence the need to keep up-to-date with technology.

“Cameron Steel, our lead author for our first Lighting module, has been working in the sector since 1982 and the combined expertise of the manufacturers in the Working Group means the training you’re getting through these EDA Modules is just fantastic.

“They are ideal for anyone on the first rung of the career ladder: they will inspire confidence in product features and benefits, to help you better understand the needs of your customers, and to create up-selling opportunities.

“It is important that we, as a sector, offer students a career path and lighting is one product sector where through hard work, a willingness to learn, good application, and the right attitude, the sky really is the limit. I hope that both new and longer-serving employees will benefit from the training offered by these EDA Modules. “

Inside out

“Lighting is a huge subject, vast. It was clear immediately that we needed two different modules: Lighting (Introduction) and Lighting (Systems and Controls).

“Our first task was to scope the Lighting (Introduction) module and to make it accessible for someone with little or no knowledge about the subject. That’s quite a challenge when you have a room full of highly qualified lighting experts, all of whom know their subject inside out!”

“Lighting (Introduction) provides base knowledge about colour temperature, lumens, lux, legacy lamp cap types and so on, and then on to the newer technology of LED.

“The second lighting module – Lighting (Systems and Controls) – is more technical and I hope that for those who complete both  will think about moving on to one of the LIA Training Academy courses in lighting design.”

Working Group Experts driving first Lighting Module

British Electric Lamps
Collingwood Lighting
Integral LED
GE Lighting
Illuma Lighting
Kingfisher Lighting
Lutron EA
Philips Lighting
Venture Lighting

Lead author for the first lighting module

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