LEDVANCE invest in EDA Training

March 25, 2019

The largest order – by some margin – for EDA Product Knowledge Modules from an affiliate has come from LEDVANCE with an impressive 47 modules being studied across their team.

Beth Bell, HR and IT lead at LEDVANCE and coordinator for training, said

“There are 23 people working in diverse roles in our business – field sales, back office, customer services and finance teams – who are embarking on their module studies. I’m also studying the first Lighting module and, because I’m also responsible for IT, I’ll be doing IT and Data Infrastructure when it’s available later in the Spring.

“It’s important for us to invest in our people and this opportunity to improve and consolidate our knowledge across the board is essential. Steve Stark, our Trade Sales Director for UK and Ireland, was one of the product experts who helped develop the modules and it’s perfect that we can now cascade the training across our team.”

Lighting Working Group in action

Above: Steve Stark of LEDVANCE at one of the Lighting Working Groups.

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