Ten more manufacturers join EDATA, the industry’s product data pool championed by the EDA

September 10, 2020

A further ten leading manufacturers have signed up to syndicate their product data to wholesalers through EDATA’s product data pool service. Added to the original Founder Member manufacturers, this brings the total number of manufacturers committed to using EDATA to provide a single source of ecommerce-friendly data to 25, with more in the pipeline.

The latest electrotechnical manufacturers to join EDATA are:

1. Carl Kammerling International Ltd
2. Collingwood Lighting
3. Kosnic Lighting Ltd
4. Lewden
5. Marshall-Tufflex Ltd
6. Megaman (UK) Ltd
7. Metpro Ltd
8. LED Group – Robus
9. Specialised Wiring Accessories Ltd
10. WISKA UK Ltd

EDATA is a strategic initiative of the Electrical Distributors’ Association (EDA) under the EDA Data Services Limited banner. Its mission is to facilitate digitalisation of the UK electrotechnical sector bringing tangible benefits for all members of the supply chain. This will be achieved by the creation, management, and transfer of accurate, consistent, high quality product data with ETIM at its heart.

Work began on EDATA in earnest in early 2020 and in the short term the focus will be on achieving a target of 250,000 products listed. The EDATA team is working with all member manufacturers to ensure high quality, complete and standardised data is loaded into the EDATA Pool so that electrical wholesalers can gain access to it for use in their catalogues and ecommerce platforms.

Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO at the EDA

Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO at the EDA, said

“Rich, structured and standardised product data is vital to successful digitalisation of our sector and these key manufacturers in our supply chain recognise that. We are delighted to welcome them to this initiative and look forward to working with them to add their product data to EDATA to serve the wholesale channel.”

ETIM-UK lead at the EDA, Richard Appleton

Richard Appleton, Technical Director of EDA Data Services added,

“Each manufacturer that signs up for EDATA is in a different place on their data journey. As part of the EDATA service they have access to our data experts and a bespoke programme of onboarding and support.

“The first downloads of product data are eagerly awaited and will soon be made available for viewing and testing by wholesaler members of EDATA.“

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