Kickstarters join the electrotechnical sector

May 14, 2021
Kickstarters launch their careers in the electrotechnical sector

Find out how these new entrants to the electrotechnical sector are getting on

The government’s Kickstart Scheme has opened the door to career opportunities for young people age 16 – 24 who were on universal credit. The EDA has established a Kickstart Support Service to help Members and Affiliates find Kickstarters.

This selection of short stories show how it’s shaping up for both the individual and the business.

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"Brilliant" I love it says Rhys

Bristol-based Ablectrics Ltd, part of The IBA Buying Group Ltd, is one of the first wholesalers with a Kickstarter in post via the EDA service. Meet Rhys,
age 19, who has started in the warehouse and goods in/out.

“It’s working really well, it’s a good match for Rhys and us,” says Andy Summers, Manager.

“Brilliant, I love it,” said Rhys.

Rhys at Ablectrics, one of the first Kickstarters in post

Two Kickstarters for BEMCO, Dartford

Ryan and Jess have joined EDA Member BEMCO (British Electrical and Manufacturing Company) as part of the government’s Kickstart scheme. Based at BEMCO’s Dartford Branch they are working with Branch Manager, Darren Grimwood. “Kickstart is going really well,” explains Darren “and we’ve been lucky as both Ryan and Jess are good lads. They’ve been with us for almost two months now and are getting experience in general stores work, picking orders, putting stock away. Jess has a driving licence so has been out on some deliveries, which is a great help. We’ve been very fortunate with them both.”

18-year-old Ryan Battaglia, says “I ask loads of questions so I get to learn what’s going on. I’ve met a few customers and it’s amazing how quickly you pick thing up. I’m enjoying the role, everyone is very nice and you can see that they have a really good relationship with their customers. Before this I had a few jobs but nothing permanent, so I really hope this is a career move for me.”

21-year-old Jess Mann has been doing a similar job to Ryan but he has a driving licence so has been out and about “I’ve been out making deliveries and collections around Essex and Kent and I enjoy it a lot. It is important to me to learn something new every day about how things work. Before this I was working in landscaping and other casual jobs but I much prefer this role at BEMCO.”

BEMCO used the EDA’s Kickstart Support Service.


“Customers are asking for me by name”

21-year-old Zak Hall is on a Kickstart placement with CEF Halesowen in the West Midlands but is already making his mark after just 6 weeks. “I am really enjoying it, it’s brilliant,” says Zak, “and our customers are getting to know me and to ask for me by name.

“Before joining CEF I worked in hospitality and retail and did an apprenticeship in property maintenance but was made redundant. This role means I’m putting my customer service and sales skills to good use and I’m starting to build my product knowledge. I was shadowing in the first few weeks but now I’m trying to do as much as I can on my own because that makes me more useful to the business. I want a career route and I think I’ve found it.”

Ryan Harding, Branch Manager at CEF Halesowen, is full of praise for Zak, adding

“At the start Zak was working in the stores but his potential was clear.  We moved him on to the trade counter and he’s taking phone orders – he was out on the road making deliveries too – and I’m now training him to work on quotations. He has picked everything us very quickly, and we are delighted.”

Zak joined CEF through the EDA’s Kickstart Support Service, which will run throughout 2021.

Kickstarter Zak from CEF
Strike Electrical is an EDA member

1 April gives Kickstarter, Dan, his lucky break

Dan has started his first job since college as a Kickstarter with Strike Electrical Distributors Ltd, of The IBA Buying Group Ltd

After being on the job market since July 2020, Dan’s lucky break couldn’t come soon enough, even if his start date was 1 April.

“I was looking for a job for ages but no one would hire me without experience. The people here at Strike are brilliant, they really help you a lot. I’m working in the warehouse, keeping it well stocked and helping get orders together for customers. I am really enjoying it.”

Tony Hughes, MD at Walsall-based Strike, said “Dan is doing very well. His time keeping is great, he’s been early every day, he’s keen to learn and his whole attitude is just what we wanted. We are delighted to have him on board.”

Dan_left_with Tony Hughes_MD
Termination Technology Ltd

Excellent start for Jordan

Jordan, age 19, has just finished his first week as a Kickstarter at EDA Affiliated Member, Termination Technology. “I’ve been busy wrapping pallets, helping the order pickers and making sure the products are all in the right place in our warehouses, “he explains “I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s great to get this opportunity.”

Steve Parry, Commercial Director, added “Jordan has made an excellent start and we’ve kept him pretty busy in our 7 warehouses. He’s keen to learn and has been in early every day this week. That’s the type of commitment we’re looking for.”

Jordan starts his career at Termination Technology