The sun shines on the EDA Summer Event 2022

July 8, 2022
Guests were back onboard the Dixie Queen once again – they enjoyed a cold drink as they cruised down the Thames in the summer sun.

Over 170 attendees, from 111 organisations, disembarked for a champagne reception and lunch before the EDA Engagement Winners were announced by EDA President, Chris Ashworth.

Guests spent the afternoon at Trinity Buoy Wharf (filming location for James Bond “The World is not Enough” among other shows and movies) on the riverside deck, overlooking the O2 Arena and the Thames.

Are you getting the most from your EDA benefits?

The next EDA Engagement Winners will be announced in July 2023.

The more you engage between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023 the more engagement points you’ll secure.

For a reminder of your EDA benefits and how you can become more engaged with the Association call 020 3141 7350.

EDA Summer Event 2022-103

How do the EDA Engagement Awards work?

Your business is awarded with an “engagement” point every time it takes part in or “engages” with an EDA benefit. The EDA tracks your engagement from 1 April to 31 March each year and the Summer Event celebrates the most engaged Manufacturer Affiliates and Wholesaler Members.

Over the year there were plenty of opportunities to engage with your trade association. Engagement Points are awarded across a range of activities including:

EDA Engagement Award Winners 2021/2022

Most Engaged Affiliate Manufacturer: Marshall-Tufflex Ltd
Chris Ashworth and Jon Chamberlain

L-R: the EDA’s President Chris Ashworth and Jon Chamberlain – Marshall-Tufflex Ltd

Affiliate Manufacturers with the Most Improved Engagement: NVC Lighting Ltd, Kingfisher Lighting Ltd, and Cembre Ltd
Chris Ashworth,, Ebony Shuttleworth, Dave Ribbons, and Stuart Swalwell

L-R: Chris Ashworth – EDA President, Mark Smith – NVC Lighting Ltd, Ebony Shuttleworth – Kingfisher Lighting Ltd, and Stuart Swalwell – Cembre Ltd

Most Engaged Member Wholesaler over 100 branches: a tie between Edmundson Electrical Ltd and CEF
Chris Ashworth, Mark Felber and Andrew Mosely

L-R: Chris Ashworth, EDA President; CEF’s Andrew Mosely; Edmundson Electrical Ltd’s Mark Felber

Most Engaged Member Wholesaler 20-99 branches: KEW Electrical Distributors Ltd
Geoff Kerly and Chris Ashworth

L-R: Chris Ashworth, EDA President, and Geoff Kerly

Most Engaged Member Wholesaler 11-19 branches: Stearn Electric Co Ltd.
Chris Ashworth and Steve Westbrook

L-R: Chris Ashworth, EDA President and Steve Westbrook

Most Engaged Member Wholesaler 2-10 branches: a tie between R & M Electrical Group Ltd & BEMCO
Chris Ashworth, Simon Barkes and Richard Sherin

L-R: CEF’s Chris Ashworth – EDA President, Richard Sherin – R & M Electrical Group Ltd, and Simon Barkes – BEMCO

Most Engaged Member Wholesaler with one branch: ETC Electrical Supplies and ABM Electrical Wholesale Ltd
EDA Summer Event 2022-127

L-R: Chris Ashworth – EDA President, Paul Jenner – The IBA Buying Group – on behalf of ETC Electrical Supplies, and Mark Ashworth – ABM Electrical Wholesale Ltd

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