Wholesalers: join the LIA’s emergency lighting surveillance initiative

January 9, 2020

Logo of the Lighting Industry AssociationWholesalers: The LIA needs your help to put Emergency Lighting to the test

Our colleagues at the LIA are putting emergency lighting to the test and need wholesalers’ help.

Why emergency lighting and why now?

The LIA has, for the last two years, conducted market surveillance both on its own members but also in the general marketplace. The concern is that, despite ever increasing legislation applying to the lighting industry, there is very little compliance checking carried out by Government agencies and, as a result, unsafe or underperforming products are becoming increasingly available.

In the wake of the Grenfell disaster and the subsequent Hackett report, attention has been focussed on all matters related to fire safety and therefore the LIA has chosen to conduct a specific market surveillance project on emergency lighting.

As the majority of emergency lighting products are supplied through wholesalers the LIA is concentrating on this supply route.

You’ll get exclusive access to the results

The LIA’s is keen to support the wholesale trade in ensuring your products are compliant, not to name and shame, and to this end we invite you to be part of this project.

Their initial investigation will consist of 50 products selected from a variety of categories supplied by UK wholesalers through both counter sales and online.

To help this process the LIA is asking for your support to supply luminaires at best prices (or free) and to pledge to supply technical documentation promptly. Supporting wholesalers will receive detailed reports of the findings.

Next steps

We are sure you’ll see this as a positive step to ensure compliance in an area where safety is paramount.

If you’d like to be part of this important initiative, please e-mail the LIA’s Katie Tipton who will be running the project.