EDATA: Where are we now?

July 12, 2021

2021 has been a very busy year for the EDA, and we have been just as busy at EDATA. The database has grown significantly, with more manufacturers joining the data pool, an increase in SKUs added to the platform, and new features constantly being developed.

85,000 SKUs

If we look at the raw numbers, we have over 85,000 SKUs from the UK market live in the platform at this moment. With many products in the pipeline, there will be more than 100,000 products live by the end of the Summer 2021; this will put the figures for the data pool well ahead of our annual objective (100,000 products by 30 December).

These 85,000 products are provided by the 26 manufacturers that are currently live in the system. Of these 26 manufacturers, 9 have already reached our Gold data quality standard, the highest level available. These 9 Manufacturers can be see in the image to the left.

The total number of manufacturers that have joined EDATA is 41, representing 48 brands out of the 81 EDA Affiliated Manufacturers. Some are still in the early stages of their onboarding process. Since the launch of EDATA, it has become very evident that every company is at a different stage and that their digitalisation journeys will be unique also. The EDATA Team have been working with each manufacturer individually to identify their starting point, what data and systems they have available to them, and to offer support & guidance throughout the onboarding process.

48 EDA Affiliates have joined EDATA

With the end of the restrictions in the UK on 19 July, we are hoping to move some of our many Teams sessions to face-to-face meetings, but with the, COVID-induced, acceleration of the “digital revolution” we won’t be uninstalling Teams/Zoom any time soon. Similarly, many companies that embraced a digital approach during the pandemic, will continue to use to explore and expand their remit, so EDATA will only grow in relevancy, as can be seen by Fegime joining EDATA.

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