Five more manufacturers sign up to EDATA

November 6, 2020

Latest EDATA manufacturers

A further cohort of leading manufacturers have signed up to syndicate their product data to wholesalers through EDATA, the industry-owned data pool.

Added to the original 15 Founder Member manufacturers, this brings the total number of manufacturers committed to using EDATA to provide a single source of ecommerce-friendly data to 30, with more in the pipeline.

Joining from 1 November 2020 are:


Richard Appleton, General Manager at  EDA Data Services, said,

“Each manufacturer that signs up for EDATA is in a different place on their data journey. As part of the EDATA service they have access to our data experts and a bespoke programme of onboarding and support.

“The first downloads of product data are eagerly awaited and will soon be made available for viewing and testing by wholesaler members.”

ETIM-UK lead at the EDA, Richard Appleton

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