Association joins influential national advisory group for apprenticeships and skills training

May 3, 2024
Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

The EDA has joined the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s (IfATE) Directory of Professional and Employer-led Bodies (The ‘Employer Directory’) to help shape the future of apprenticeships and technical education.

Inclusion on the Employer Directory emphasises EDA’s position at the forefront of skills and its role in developing a future workforce for the trade supplier industry.

The Employer Directory has a membership of over 100 professional and employer-led bodies. Directory members are increasingly being called upon by IfATE to advise on apprenticeship quality, T Levels, HTQs, approval of wider level 2 and 3 technical qualifications, and occupational maps which guide employers and potential learners on different training opportunities.


To be added to the employer directory, EDA demonstrated our extensive experience in education, training sector knowledge and ability to represent our members. This recognition is particularly significant for our members involved in trade supplier apprenticeships in England, as it solidifies our central role in shaping the quality and standards within trade suppliers.

Membership of the employer directory reinforces the EDA’s commitment to skills development for trade suppliers and places EDA at the forefront of ensuring the competence and excellence of new entrants to the workforce.

Playing a key role
Tracy Hewett

Tracy Hewett, Head of Education and Training at EDA, expressed enthusiasm about this achievement, stating,

“Our inclusion in the IfATE Employer Directory is a testament to our dedication to advancing standards for trade suppliers. We are pleased to be able to play this key role ensuring the quality and competence of future professionals entering our industry.”

EDA will be a wonderful addition
Deputy Director for Business Services Division at IfATE, Nikki Christie

Nikki Christie, deputy director for business services division at IfATE, added:

“We are delighted to welcome the EDA to the Employer Directory. The fantastic insights and guidance industry-recognised employer organisations provide us with are really important for making sure apprenticeships and technical qualifications stay high-quality, relevant, and credible. EDA will be a wonderful addition to this influential group of industry experts.”