High demand for training and apprenticeships

April 30, 2021
EDA's Training Course Directory

Demand from electrotechnical businesses for training courses and apprenticeships has increased substantially in Q1 of 2021, coinciding with the launch of an enhanced package of training support for its members following the appointment of training expert, Tracy Hewett, at the end of 2020.

Recuiting new talent and increase skills of existing team

Tracy, Education and Training Consultant at the EDA, brings with her a wealth of experience having spent the last 30 years in a variety of roles within the post-16 education sector she has a vast knowledge of qualifications, apprenticeships, funding, course creation and assessment supporting skill development.

“As we enter economic recovery EDA businesses are looking to recruit new talent and increase their existing staff skills sets,” explains Tracy.

“Hot topics for training include digitalisation, virtual selling, cyber security, team leading and sustainability.

Take advantage of fully-funded courses

“Helping EDA businesses maximise their training budgets by taking full advantage of government subsidies and fully-funded courses is key. The training and apprenticeship landscape is busy and can be confusing and at this point in the recovery business leaders need support. I do the groundwork and handpick training courses that I know EDA businesses may be interested in and we make these available through our newly launched online Training Course Directory.”

Tracy is also representing the electrotechnical sector on the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) Industry Skills Plan for the UK Construction Sector 2021-25.

“I’ve handpicked courses that I believe EDA businesses would be interested in and these are available through our new online Training Course Directory.”