Tony’s Golden Rules: How you can achieve a distinction

February 14, 2019
Get the best grade possible with Tony's Golden Rules

The IET’s Tony Hicks leads the assessors who mark the End of Module Assessments (EMA), part of the EDA Product Knowledge Programme. The EDA partners with the IET who manage the Programme and mark the modules. Here Tony shares his top tips for achieving the best grade possible.

Tony Hicks of the IET

  1. Before starting the EMA, read the textbook at least twice and do the ‘Test Your Knowledge’ questions in each chapter.
  2. Only request the EMA when you are confident that you fully understand the textbook. You have 10 weeks to work through the textbook and to complete the EMA.
  3. You do not have to complete the EMA in one go, so take your time. Rush, and it will show in your answers.
  4. The EMA is ‘open book’, so you can use your textbook and other resources. Consider each questions carefully, then locate the subject in your textbook and read about the topic to reinforce your understanding.
  5. Type your answer (or complete a diagram) and check it against the textbook. Use your own words to further reinforce your understanding.
  6. Keep drawings or diagrams neat and tidy. Clearly label all components and complete any calculations as needed.

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