Upex’s Ed Trenholme secures Distinction in his first EDA Module

November 19, 2018
Photo of Dan Mooney and Ed Trenholme of Upex

Newcomer to electro-technical wholesale, 25-year-old sales assistant Ed Trenholme of Upex Electrical Distributors in Yorkshire, (members of the AWEBB buying group) is one of the first to secure top marks in the newly launched EDA Product Knowledge Programme

Ed, who secured the Distinction for his very first Module, Introduction to the Principles of Electricity Module, said.

“I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ve found it really useful. I started at Upex just a few months ago and I didn’t have any previous knowledge of electrical wholesale so these training courses are a good way to learn about the products we sell.

“The textbook for my second Module, Wiring Devices and Controls, arrived last week and I’ve already made a start.

“With distance learning, it can be hard to sustain your levels of concentration. I know this well because I’m also juggling full-time work for Upex with an OU degree in psychology. My ultimate career goal is to go into mental health counselling but I’m only at the start of my psychology degree so that’s some way off yet.”


Dan Mooney (above left), owner of Upex and Ed’s line manager, added

“The EDA Modules are very comprehensive, well written and give a good overview of the basics – in fact they are brilliant!

“Ed’s already started on his second Module – Wiring Devices and Controls – and I’m hoping that the new Upex team member who’s starting with us shortly will also be working their way through the EDA Programme.

Tackling the End of Module Assessment (EMA) Ed’s way

“The easiest way to approach the EMA is to break it up into small chunks and don’t attempt to complete it in one sitting. Typically, you’ll have two weeks to complete the EMA so there’s no need to be overwhelmed and stressed by it.

“When I first got the EMA I had a quick look through and tackled one of the multiple choice questions just to get started.

“With 10 weeks to work through the textbook and to complete the EMA, there is plenty of time. Don’t rush yourself. Whilst it’s great to get a Distinction, in a way the EMA result wasn’t that important as I’d already learnt so much from working through the Module. I’ve got a real sense of achievement.”

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