Have your say on the EUEW’s Official Position on CPR and Cable

August 30, 2018
Your feedback matters

Do you agree with the EUEW’s position on CPR and Cable?

The EUEW has just published its Official Position Document on Construction Regulation (CPR) Cable (16 July 2018), and they’d like your views

With the support of its members, including the EDA, the EUEW is currently undertaking several actions at European level and this is one of them. This Official Position has been shared with the European Commission and Europacable, one of the major stakeholders influencing further amendments to this directive.

CE marking the cable

With 30% of all cable cut in sections of less than 30 meters, the EUEW is calling for the cable itself to be marked directly with the CE information (as tiles, bricks and building blocks are marked) to ensure product traceability, and they make these points:

  • CE marking is not attached/marked on the cable itself but on the reels/drums. This means that cut-off lengths of cable do not carry the CE marking;
  • Installers and distributors are being asked to deliver the CE marking on the cut-off length of cable;
  • In some markets, but not all, manufacturers supply quantities of CE labels to allow for re-labelling;

You can read the official position in full here and then use the form below to tell us what you think.  Your company name and comments will be shared with the EUEW to help inform their strategy but the EDA will not share your name or contact details. You can review the EDA’s Privacy Policy here.

Your feedback on EUEW's Official Position on CPR and Cable


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