Cembre Ltd: Working With Knowledgeable and Loyal Distribution Partners

February 4, 2016

Over the last 40 years Cembre has become one of the leading European manufacturers of electrical terminals, associated tooling, terminal and distribution blocks, cable glands and marking systems for OEMs, panel builders, installers and contractors.

Extensive know-how, strong R&D activity and continuous innovation in manufacturing technologies and product specification meet with expert and efficient international sales teams and sharp focus on customer needs to guarantee high-quality, good value products that are reliable, durable and safe.

From our UK logistics, service and manufacturing facilities located near Birmingham, Cembre Ltd actively supports Distributors and their customers throughout the UK and Ireland who, in turn,  trust us to meet their professional and technical requirements every time.

While product range and value are essential elements in the Distribution offer – and well served by Cembre – it’s often our willingness to ‘find the best not the first solution’’ that separates us from mere suppliers and creates a loyalty on which to build the most successful business relationships. Consequently, Cembre Ltd also offers design and production capabilities for customised termination products and cable assemblies.

Neither are we shy of sharing our considerable expertise and so our Best Practice Crimping Workshops have become the must-have event for Distributor Trade Counters and Customers Tool Box Talk sessions as even the most experienced Electrical Engineers look for guidance through todays deluge of products with uncertain provenance as they, for instance, endeavour to terminate cables in accordance with code of practice BS7609.

It’s a fact that however hi-tech the equipment, the integrity of its seemingly ‘simple’ electrical connections is vital to its operation and consequently to the reputation and livelihood of the OEM and Installer for whom it’s essential that their trusted Distribution partners are able to provide the same assurances as Cembre Distributors that:

  • The Copper content of terminations is enough to carry the required current without over-heating.
  • Terminations are fully annealed after pressing to optimise electrical contact and avoid stress fracture so as to resist mechanical failure over their operating life.
  • Crimping tools and die sets are matched with the terminations to ensure consistent, high-integrity connections. 

Matched Cembre terminations, tooling and die sets produce the perfect crimp while indenting the lug with the die reference for additional verification.

Loyalty to our Distributors is equally of importance to building successful business relationships. Consequently we are immensely pleased that so many of our Stockists who were in on the ground floor continue to contribute significantly through the efforts of their own sales people to the twelve year success story – and counting – of the UKs market-leading MARKINGenius industrial printing system.

MARKINGenius is an identification & labelling system for cables, components and equipment producing high-quality print, in seconds, on a wide range of media.

Support and development come directly from the manufacturer for assured system-lifetime confidence.

However, it’s identifying and meeting the needs of our customers, including our Distributors, that affords us most satisfaction. So we are pleased to announce the new MARKETline brand of products from Cembre – a single source portfolio of supplementary materials carefully selected from manufacturers who strive, as we do, to provide quality, reliability and value in their products and whose ethics and methods attune to our own.

The new MARKETline range currently includes:

HEAT-SHRINKABLE TUBING in box, reel and strip form offering a range of colours and sizes.

CABLE TIES, ACCESSORIES & TOOLS including plastic and metallic components.

CABLE & CONDUIT CLIPS of modular interlocking design or a simple P clip style.

CABLE PREPARATION TOOLS providing a variety of methods for stripping, cutting & crimping conductors.

HAND TOOLS featuring 1000V VDE tested screwdrivers among an array of tools, including bags and cases, selected for their convenience, safety and reliability in repeated use.

Visit click products then catalogues to download more product information, or talk to our sales office on 01675 470440 or email about MARKETline promotions to Wholesalers and Distributors.