Fegime UK’s CEO, Alan, gets studying

May 31, 2019
Fegime's Alan Reynolds receives his EDA Investor in Training Award from President Chris Gibson

“I am a firm believer in leading by example,” says Alan Reynolds FInstSMM, and CEO of buying group Fegime UK, who has studied and passed all 12 EDA Product Knowledge Modules, achieving 10 top Distinction grades in the process. Alan received an EDA Investor in Training Award from President Chris Gibson, at our annual awards in March 2019.

Alan, whose Fegime UK buying group represents 32 wholesaler businesses with 120 branches operating across the UK, volunteers as one of the EDA’s Education and Training Ambassadors, is trained in lighting design and is a City & Guilds approved electrician.

This solid sector experience made him the ideal choice to chair the group of experts responsible for the development of the two lighting modules in the EDA Programme: Introduction to Lighting and Lighting Systems and Controls.

Front covers of the 12 modules in the EDA Product Knowledge Programme
Bespoke training created by the EDA especially for you, our members and affiliates

Investing in business performance

“It’s important for senior leaders to demonstrate the importance of developing professional knowledge. To show that putting time and effort in developing your skills is an investment in your career and professional performance.

“But it’s more than that. Essentially it is about managers investing in the performance of their business.

Customers depend on our know-how

“Wholesalers are not here just to sell electro-technical kit, we are in the business of knowledge and information sharing and our electrical contractor customers depend on it.

“This training will inspire confidence in product features and benefits, to help our teams better understand the needs of their customers, and to create up-selling opportunities.

Adding value face-to-face

“With the advent of the Internet and companies such as Amazon we need to show our suppliers and customers we “Add Value”.

“Fortunately, we are in a technical industry where new opportunities continually become available predominantly driven by legislation and technology. This is where I feel we as an industry have a distinct advantage as we are able to talk with the customers face to face.

“Therefore, with educated staff who understand the products and the applications we CAN add value. One of my favourite phrases I use as an ambassador is “You cannot have an intelligent conversation with a website” and that is why I encourage EDA members to invest in their people to ensure we always have that added value proposition.”


“Working my way through 12 training modules was not easy, but it was valuable. There is always something new to learn no matter how long you’ve worked in this sector.

“The beauty of this Programme for EDA members and affiliates is how accessible it is.

“A professional training programme that’s been developed just for our sector, so we don’t have to spend valuable time researching and sourcing it. It’s ready to go and all we have to do is reap the benefits.

“That’s hard to argue against.”


“My only problem is that I need a bigger shelf for my 12 certificates!”

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