8 Top Tips to help you get a distinction

August 3, 2016

The Rugby branch of Edmundson Electrical in Warwickshire has a lot to shout about when it comes to its MOL learners. Rosanna Lorrison met two employees – Adam Stapleford-Jones, below left, and Ryan Fagan, right – who have achieved nothing but distinctions in their MOL Product Knowledge Modules. Here are their top tips:

 1.       START RIGHT AWAY Adam says: ‘In the first six months at Edmundson, I was working in the warehouse. That meant that I could spend more time in the evenings completing my modules. My manager also let me use some work time to complete them. Therefore, I’ve managed to complete all modules before the deadline, usually within a month because I started them as soon as they arrived in the post.’ Ryan agrees, adding: ‘It is easier to start working on the modules as soon as you receive them, especially as your workload might be lighter at that time.’

They both advised not to do too much in one sitting – doing it in chunks in the evening after work is best, to give your mind a break. Both Adam and Ryan completed their workbooks well before the deadline and they agree that three months is enough time to complete the books.

 2.       WORK THROUGH THE BOOKS IN ORDER Ryan is working through his eighth module out of 10, but has done them in two blocks of five. He has completed his in an unusual order and recommends starting with Customer Care and Fundamentals of Electricity to get a basic understanding of the electrical industry. ‘This will make it easier to understand the industry and the flow of the books,’ he says. Adam says it was good that he started with Fundamentals of Electricity, because he was new to the industry and hadn’t wired a plug since Year 7

 3.       TAKE A LOOK AT THE CONSOLIDATION BEFORE YOU START The consolidation section at the back of the workbooks includes more questions than answers. Adam recommends looking at the consolidation before you start so you know the answers you are looking for as you are reading. Although the book does include the answers, it doesn’t mean you can copy the text word for word – you must add a lot more information to the consolidation part of the book. Ryan says the consolidation is the part that takes the most time because you do not get the answers, and you have to refer back and use other sources if you are to achieve a distinction.

 4.       USE OTHER SOURCES Adam says he relies on his initiative when it comes to answering the questions. Ryan adds that the internet and colleagues can help too.

 5.       DRAW ON YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE Ryan’s assessors told him he drew successfully on his experience in the workplace. This is emphasised in the guidelines for getting a distinction: ‘Your answer will include experience from your line of work or relevant sources.’ His experience was particularly useful in the Health and Safety module: ‘I took photos from around the warehouse including signs, which was good because it makes health and safety an important part of my day-to-day role.’ Adam adds that, in some of the modules he has completed, he has had to use products from the shop floor as examples, and that has helped him improve his product knowledge. He was using other sources for his answers while demonstrating consistently good product knowledge, so he was able to achieve his distinction grades.

 6.       TYPE UP YOUR ANSWERS Adam used his laptop to write his answers: ‘I find it easier to type up my answers. There are no lines on the page, so I can staple them to the book afterwards. It means I have no restrictions on what I want to write for my answers and I can get as much down as I want.’

 7.       GO ONLINE TO CLARIFY TERMINOLOGY YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND Ryan enjoyed the Renewable Energy Systems module the most and he was interested in the content. He suggests that learners use the internet to clarify any terminology they might be clear about.

 8.       MANAGER SUPPORT Both Adam and Ryan praise their branch manager for his support and help and ensuring they were both working on the books and returned them on time.

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