Milestones for Training Modules

June 22, 2021

2000th Module Studied, 3000th Module Bought

It seems hardly any time at all since the EDA Product Knowledge Modules were launched in 2018, but we have hit some major milestones recently thanks to EDA businesses.

Below we share the individuals who helped us mark these milestones, but thank you to everyone who has engaged with the EDA Product Knowledge Modules. Here’s to the next 3000!

The Milestone Makers

1,999th Module Studied

Oisin Tyrrell, from CEF’s Mullingar branch in County Westmeath, Ireland. Here’s Oisin (right) with Branch Manager Christy Bardon, and his certificate for Cables and Cable Management.

2,000th Title Earned
Brett Hughes of Electrium Sales
Electrium Sales Ltd

Brett Hughes, Business Development Manager at Electrium Sales Ltd in Cannock, studied the 2,000th module. Brett was awarded a Distinction for Wiring Devices & Controls.

2,001st Module Studied
Adam Leathers has studied the 2001st EDA module
3 Line Electrical Ltd

Adam Leathers, Business Development Manager for 3 Line Electrical Wholesale’s Ipswich Branch, achieved a Distinction for Wiring Devices and Controls.

3,000th Module Bought by Securi-Flex Ltd
Securi-Flex Ltd purchased the 3000th EDA training module

Securi-Flex has just purchased the 3,000th module and Holly Pulham (top right), National Sales Coordinator, will be starting her Cables and Cable Management studies shortly. With a champagne gift from the EDA to commemorate the milestone, here’s Holly (left) with colleague Laura Bedford (bottom left), Internal Sales Manager. Laura, along with the entire Securi-Flex sales team, will also be studying the EDA modules.

Thank you for your order, Securi-flex, and good luck to the team in your studies.