1st EDA Data Award Winners – How did they do it?

December 6, 2021

A huge congratulations to the winners of the 1st EDA Data Awards!

This year the winners were the 12 Gold Circle Members for their dedication to high quality product information:

At the EDA, we talk a lot about Gold Level, Silver Level, and Bronze Level data, but what does that actually mean?

EDATA, the “by the industry, for the industry data pool”, has minimum data requirements for each SKU before it can be uploaded into the data pool; this means that all the product information in the pool has to comply with the EDATA Standards and Structure. Many manufacturers have found that consistent data improves internal processes too.

For most manufacturers their first upload into EDATA will be shown in their personalised dashboard as “In Development”: the EDA Team works with the manufacturer, giving guidance on how the data can be improved.

The next stage up from “In Development” is “Bronze”; to achieve Bronze Level data the manufacturer needs to complete at least four Master Data fields.

To reach “Silver” Level, eight Master Data fields are needed, including the GTIN (EAN) Codes.

What is Master Data?

Master Data includes information such as Short Descriptions, Long Descriptions, Marketing Bullets, Life Cycle data, etc.

Images, Descriptions, ETIM… How do I tackle those?

For more information on creating ETIM Data, see the “Starting your ETIM Journey” white paper and webinar. For further guidance and best practice on product images and descriptions find our white papers here.

However, moving to “Gold” requires a product image and ETIM data, in addition to 11 populated Master Data fields. Despite the jump up in requirements to reach this level of quality, 12 of our 30 manufacturers, with live data, have reached Gold Status. Upon reaching Gold Level data, the manufacturer joins the Gold Circle and it is these Gold Circle Members that won the first EDA Data Awards held at the Digitalisation Forum on 1 December 2021.

The personalised EDATA dashboard gives an at-a-glance real-time view of exactly which level your data is at, so you can see where improvements are needed.

3 key points to take away are:
  1. Every single product in EDATA is measured against the data quality standard and manufacturers are currently classed as Gold Level when 50% or more of their products live in EDATA reach the Gold Standard requirements.
  2. Each manufacturer is unique and for most manufacturers data management is a journey. To help with this our onboarding manager Javier Garcia supports each company through their data onboarding by auditing their data and making recommendations on how they can “Level Up”.
  3. The Gold standard is achievable for any manufacturer that is willing to start the conversation. Each company joins EDATA at a different stage in their journey and the EDATA team are always happy to talk through the best options for your organisation. Many members are early on in their journey and have used EDATA as a catalyst for a larger data project internally, supported by the EDATA Team.