Benefits & Joining

Welcome to EDA’s membership area

There are currently 241 UK wholesale-distributors of all sizes who are Members of the EDA and these represent more than 75% of the UK market. In addition, there are 75 leading suppliers of goods and services who are Affiliated Members of the EDA.

The section provides a recap on your benefits package if you have already joined the EDA, and provides further guidance on next steps if you are thinking of applying for membership or affiliated membership.

Joining the EDA

There are two categories of EDA membership:

  1. Membership for electro-technical wholesale-distributors
  2. Affiliated Membership for suppliers of goods and services to the sector.

Affiliated Membership category was created in 1999 to further support the electro-technical supply chain and is open to manufacturers and service providers who have an established trading relationship through the UK’s electro-technical wholesale sector. You should also belong the primary trade association for your sector.

In this section you’ll find more about these companies and what it means to join the Association, including

Your benefits

Joining the EDA unlocks a range of benefits including:

  • Training & Apprenticeships
  • Networking Events and Senior Networking Opportunities
  • Communication, Recognition, Visibility and Exposure
  • Business Services
  • Initiatives, Campaigns and Projects

What you pay

For wholesaler members, your annual fee is made up of two parts:

  1. a standing charge and
  2. a variable charge calculated on your annual turnover.

Your fee is invoiced in January each year, or pro-rata if you join part-way through the year. The fees will be explained to you as part of the membership discussions.

For Affiliates the fee is £5,000 plus VAT, payable in either January or July each year depending upon your joining date.

Enquire online about becoming a member or affiliate

Whether you are applying for Membership or Affiliated Membership, the first step is to complete this short online form and one of our team will contact you to confirm next steps.

It’s worth mentioning at the outset that all applications to join are reviewed by our CEO and Board of Management. If you have any questions along the way, please contact the EDA team on 020 3141 7350 or email.