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West Midlands
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EazyStock is a market-leading inventory optimisation tool that connects with ERP systems to digitalise inventory management operations.

While most ERPs are good at stock control, many rely on users to manually calculate and input demand forecasts, inventory levels and order amounts. This is time-consuming, often inaccurate, and inefficient.

EazyStock removes the need for spreadsheets. It takes inventory management to the next level by automating demand forecasting, optimising stock levels and generating dynamic order recommendations.

With EazyStock, electrical wholesalers and distributers can:

  • Reduce inventory levels by up to 30%
  •  Improve cashflow
  •  Achieve order fulfilment and stock availability targets of up to 99%
  • Prevent lost sales due to stockouts
  •  Automate stock ordering and improve efficiency & accuracy
  • Be more agile and responsive to market demands

The EazyStock team is a friendly bunch and we’re keen to talk to any EDA members who are experiencing stock issues or looking to digitalise their inventory management operations.

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