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Proplanet is a leading IT company specialising in Product Information Management, Digital Asset Management, 3D technology, and Digital Transformation.

The founders of Proplanet are co-founders of the ETIM classification that started 20 years ago in the Netherlands. Proplanet is a provider of data solutions and continues to be a promoter of the ETIM data model, classifying product data for customers.  

Manufacturers, wholesalers, and merchants use ProPlanet services across Europe and the UK within the Electrotechnical, HVAC & Plumbing, and Building Materials sectors.

The ProPlanet data solutions consist of,:

  • DataProcessor (Product Information),
  • Eezybridge (Digital Asset Management), and
  • DataPlatform an online enterprise solution, including Powerfind (ProPlanet’s search engine).

Proplanet is the solutions provider for the EDATA Platform and has designed and pre-configured DataProcessor for Manufactures to upload data to EDATA, the EDA’s Industry data pool, for easy use and sharing of data for electrical manufacturers and wholesalers. 

As businesses adopt digital transformation and new ways of working, Proplanet continues to work alongside eCommerce webshop and ERP providers, using the ProPlanet integrator tools/plugins and API’s for seamless product data transfer. 

Finally, Proplanet invests in relationships and has proven to be a solid and reliable partner, which is why Proplanet is your ideal solutions provider.

For more information please contact Wayne Jarvis via the contact details at the top of this page.