Introducing ETIM for the UK

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ETIM-UK: EDA champions digitisation of the UK’s electro-technical sector

When electricians and contractors review and research products with a view to purchase, they may find it difficult to accurately compare the technical attributes and features. This is because the information that’s available will differ significantly between various wholesalers and manufacturers.

It’s because the UK has, currently, no agreed uniform standard for presenting and structuring technical product information.

Manufacturers and wholesalers are also spending a great deal of time and resource re-keying and re-working technical product data.

ETIM-UK is the initiative that will change that, and it is led by the EDA.

Visit the website to find out more about ETIM-UK 

ETIM-UK lead at the EDA, Richard Appleton

Richard Appleton is your contact for ETIM-UK here at the EDA. You can contact Richard by phone on 020 3141 7350 or email. 

Video and our specialist ETIM-UK website

You’ll also find much more on our ETIM-UK progress on our dedicated website but before you head over there, you might find this short video a useful introduction.