EDATA: the ‘by the industry for the industry’ data pool

EDATA: A data pool for manufacturers to share product information, including images, with wholesalers and distributors

EDATA is an industry-owned resource of high quality, ecommerce-friendly, manufacturers’ product data for Electrical Wholesalers to use in their web sites and digital business processes.

  1. Includes manufacturers’ master data, digital assets and technical data classified according to the international ETIM standard.
  2. Product data is owned and managed by the manufacturers, enabling it to be tracked back to a credible source.
  3. Data is independently monitored for quality, best practice and conformance with data standards.
Richard Paine, Product and Marketing Director at Volution Ventilation UK says...
"I can't encourage enough any manufacturer who hasn't joined EDATA to join, the support that Richard and the team have provided us has been exceptional and helped us add speed to our product digitisation.”

You do not have to be an EDA Affiliate Manufacturer to join EDATA

Membership of EDATA is open to both EDA Affiliate Manufacturers and non-Affiliates alike.

EDATA is a not-for-profit enterprise, with costs and benefits shared by all who subscribe. Manufacturers and wholesalers make a fair contribution to cover its management and development costs.

Gold Standard Data: because your products must grab attention

gold circle member larger

Product data is a silent sales team. Your products are competing for attention in search engines and websites. It means the information must be high quality.

Data doesn’t only mean product attributes and performance information, it also means images and photos because, more often than not, that’s what buyers see first.

EDATA’s smart: it automatically reviews the manufacturers’ data inside and ranks it according to strict quality standards.

Every manufacturer wants to achieve Gold Standard data and a growing number are. The EDA Data Services team works closely with each manufacturer to provide practical support to improve their data quality.

Look for the Gold Standard mark against the manufacturers listed below.

Solution Providers: become an EDATA Tech-mate

EDA Data Services welcomes contact from solution providers (including PIM systems, ecommerce web sites and ERP systems) who wish to integrate with EDATA.

Once integration is complete, you will be able to use the EDATA Tech-mate logo to demonstrate compatibility.

EDATA is free for EDA Wholesalers
Click to register or call 020 3141 7350
Manufacturers: Are you in EDATA?
Download the leaflet
Are you in EDATA? Download this introductory leaflet
Manufacturers: How EDATA benefits your business

EDATA: how it works and what’s inside


Initially, EDATA contains three categories of product data

  1. Manufacturer Master Data
  2. Digital Assets
  3. Technical Attributes: stored using the ETIM international data model

EDATA: The data inside

Product data is a vast subject and EDATA is focussed on the data required to drive wholesalers’ digital or multi-channel sales platforms.

For full technical details about the data held in EDATA, please contact us on 020 3141 7350.