Approved Training Providers

Working with our partners, EDA Apprenticeships Plus, means your business gets access to the highest quality trainers and assessors.

That's because EDA Apprenticeships Plus only works with training providers who have secured an Ofsted rating of Outstanding or Good.

The EDA Apprenticeship Service, which is managed by our external partners EDA Apprenticeships Plus, is available across the UK so we can offer the same service to all EDA members and affiliated members.

A UK network of approved training providers

To enable us to offer you a UK-wide service, the team works with a number of approved apprenticeship training providers whose tutors/assessors visit your businesses to train your apprentice.

Ofsted Good or Outstanding

Before any training provider makes it onto the EDA roster, they are thoroughly checked by the EDA Apprenticeships Plus team.

Only training providers who are rated by Ofsted as Outstanding or Good (Ofsted only applies in England) can deliver training to EDA members and affiliates. Ofsted is the government’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills in England.

Liaison with training providers is all part of our service

As an EDA member and affiliated member, all liaison with training providers is done for you. The EDA Apprenticeships Plus team selects the most appropriate training provider for you based on the job role and your location. They will brief them in the first instance and take care of all monitoring and reporting.

Of course, you’ll meet the tutor/assessor when they visit your business premises.

For your information and peace of mind, below is a list of the organisations who train apprentices for EDA members and affiliates. If you have any questions about the EDA Apprenticeship Service please call the EDA head office on 020 3141 7350.


These are the Training Providers in England who deliver the Trade Supplier Apprenticeship Standard and many other Apprenticeship Standards as part of the EDA Apprenticeship Service:

  1. Aston Training: based in Northampton. Rated by Ofsted as Good. 
  2. Asset Training: based in Liverpool. Rated by Ofsted as Good.
  3. CMS Vocational Training: based in Batley. Rated by Ofsted as Good.
  4. DIDAC Training: based in Bristol. Rated by Ofsted as Good.
  5. Hawk Training: based in Twickenham. Rated by Ofsted as Outstanding. 
  6. Learning Skills Partnership: based in Hessle. Rated by Ofsted as Good.
  7. North Lancs Training: based in Accrington. Rated by Ofsted as Good.
  8. The Source Skill Academy: based in Sheffield. Rated by Ofsted as Good.


  1. ALS Training: based in Cardiff.


  1. JB Management: based in Ayr
  2. Microcom Training: based in Glasgow.

Northern Ireland

  1. Rutledge Group: based in Coleraine