Meet the EDA Team

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Richard Appleton, Head of Digitalisation, at the EDA

Richard Appleton
Head of Digitalisation
Email Richard or call 07462 230902

Nancy Adolpho Executive Assistant

Nancy Adolpho
Executive Assistant
Email Nancy or call 020 3141 7355

Brigette Evans EDATA Customer Success Manager

Brigette Evans
Customer Success Manager
Email Brigette or call 020 3141 7762

Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO

Margaret Fitzsimons
Email Margaret

Diana Gaina

Diana Gaina
Marketing & Events Executive
Email Diana or call 020 3141 7760

Javier Garcia, Onboarding and Product Data Manager, EDA

Javier Garcia
Head of Systems and Processes
Data & Onboarding Manager
Email Javier or call 07393 171499

Tracy Hewett

Tracy Hewett
Head of Education & Training
Email Tracy or call 020 3141 7358

Billy Overall, Digitalisation Marketing Manager

Billy Overall
Digitalisation Marketing Manager
Email Billy or call 020 3141 7352

Sabina Shaid

Sabina Shaid
Education & Training Administrator
Email Sabina or call 020 3141 7359

Anne Vessey, EDA's Head of Marketing and Communications

Anne Vessey
Head of Marketing & Communications
Email Anne or call 020 3141 7354