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Representing your interests in Europe

Logo of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers (EUEW)

As the UK’s national association for wholesalers and distributors, the EDA is also a member of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers (EUEW). Founded in 1955, this Association of Associations is a 17-nation organisation representing the interests of electrical wholesaling.

Through the 17 nations, the EUEW represents:

  • 1,050 companies
  • over 8,250 outlets
  • 103,000 employees and
  • just over EUR 40 billion in turnover.

The General Secretary of the EUEW is Brussels-based Hans Hanegreefs.

EUEW Official Position Statement: Construction Products Regulation (CPR) – Cable

With the support of its members, with whom EUEW has a mutually beneficial cooperation, the EUEW is currently undertaking several actions at European level. EUEW’s most recent action refers to presenting its Official Position in respect to the CPR Cable issue, affecting its members in several countries.

For this Official Position, EUEW has teamed up with its most experienced members on this topic and produced this official document which was already shared with the European Commission and Europacable, one of the major stakeholders influencing further amendments to this directive.

As EUEW is currently in process of collecting feedback from all its stakeholders interested in supporting the official position of the organisation, EUEW gladly welcomes any additional support that EDA or EDA members and affiliates would like to offer in regards to further discussing the EUEW Official Position on CPR at local level.

Representing the voice of the wholesaler

You’ll find more on the EUEW’s vision, mission, goals and five-point strategic plan here.

General Convention: Opportunity for senior leaders with business interests in Europe

One of the highlights of the EUEW’s calendar is their annual General Convention, which normally takes place in early summer over two days from a Thursday evening to Saturday lunchtime.

The next EUEW General Convention is in Barcelona in June 2020.

The Convention brings together senior executives from the world of wholesaling as well as manufacturing; it creates an environment where key issues can be presented and discussed, new business relationships forged and old ones renewed.

If your business has interests in Europe, and you’re interested in joining the EDA delegation to the next EUEW Convention, please contact Margaret Fitzsimons, CEO at the EDA by email or on 020 3141 7351.

Below: The EDA delegation at EUEW 2019