History of the EDA

It all started on 4 February 1914

F Sumner-Smith, BEE Co Ltd
Mr Feld, Feld Brothers
R W Smith, Drake & Gorman
A G Beaver, Sun Electric Co
A F Leslie, Assistant to Mr Mr Sumner-Smith and Acting Hon. Sec

These are the five men of vision who sat down in the office of the British Electrical Equipment Co Ltd in Norfolk Street, Strand, London, to discuss the formation of an ‘Electrical Wholesale Protection Society’. This was against a background war and of a fast growing electrical industry and the widespread emergence of electrical wholesalers to service the needs of contractors and retailers.

Fast forward to 2014

100 years later the EDA celebrated its centenary. Take a look through our celebratory centenary book “1914 – 2014 Celebrating 100 Years of Service” to follow the journey of the Association from its early days, through two World Wars and to 1998 when the Electrical Wholesalers’ Federation rebranded to become the EDA, and beyond.