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Membership & Affiliate Round-up

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Eight more businesses have become members of the EDA - 3 wholesalers from the IBA buying group and 5 manufacturers/service providers - bringing our totals to:

238 members (wholesalers)
74 affiliated members (manufacturers and service providers)

Welcoming new IBA members

J.A.M. Electrical Supplies (joined 1 November 2017)
Kent Elentrical Supplies (joined 1 November 2017)
Mike's Electrical Supplies Ltd (joined 1 November 2017)

Welcoming new affiliated members

Brother UK Ltd (joined 1 January 2018)
Crompton Lamps Ltd (joined 1 January 2018)
Doncaster Cables (joined 1 January 2018)
Eland Cables (joined 1 November 2017)
Megger Ltd (joined 1 January 2018)

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