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Independent Buyers Association (I.B.A.)


The IBA was formed in mid 1993 in the North West of England by 10 Independent Electrical Wholesalers, 6 of which are still in the Group to-day. Since then the group has grown consistently with 79 Members with 106 branches as of 1 October 2017.

In 2017 the group affiliated itself to the EDA.

Geographically there are members throughout the UK.

Overall the Group turns over around £130 million.

Group Objectives

  • To build a nationwide Group of Independent Electrical Wholesalers, all of whom will have equal rights on input into running the Group.
  • To utilise this buying power to appoint key Suppliers in the industry with competitive deals and to build close, long-term profitable relationships with these Preferred Suppliers.
  • To significantly increase the profitability of all Group Members by these improved supplier deals and marketing/sales support activity.
  • To encourage as much informal networking within the Group as possible in order to optimise the breadth and depth of experience within the membership.

Operating Policy

The Group is run by its members for its members, with all key decisions taken on a one-member one-vote basis.  Apart from Members annual fees, which are used to fund the management and administration of the Group, 100% of all rebates negotiated with suppliers pass back to the membership.

The aim is to continue to run the Group primarily on a national basis with quarterly meetings held around the UK, where members are encouraged to attend by having events linked to each of these meetings.

Suppliers to the Group

The Group has over 100 Preferred Suppliers from across the electrical market with a handful of Recognised Suppliers mainly supplying services such as insurance, telecoms, stationery etc. Annual deals are agreed with these suppliers where invoice prices, annual rebates, payment terms, service levels, carriage paid order levels and marketing support are the key benefits negotiated on for the membership.

Regular promotional activity, either set for a period or handled on a one off collated order basis, is a strong feature of the Group and our Suppliers.

For further info please see the IBA website. 

For membership enquiries please speak to the IBA Chief Operating Officer Paul Jenner  by email or on 01925 273139.

Postal Address

Independent Buyers Association (I.B.A.)
Centrix House
Crow Lane East
WA12 9UY

Telephone and Fax

Call us on 01925 273 139
Fax us on 01925 594133

Branch addresses


    Centrix House, Crow Lane East, NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS, Merseyside. WA12 9UY

    T: 0151 426 0021
    F: 0151 210 2544

    Centrix House, Crow Lane East, NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS, Merseyside. WA12 9UY

    T: 01925 273139
    F: 01925 594133

    Centrix House, Crow Lane East, NEWTON-LE-WILLOWS, Merseyside. WA12 9UY

    T: 01925 273139
    F: 01925 594133

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