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EDA Vocational Training


The EDA has a well-established Learning and Development Portfolio, a significant part of which is vocational training and Apprenticeships. 

Available to both members and affiliates of the EDA, Apprenticeships are based on occupational standards established by industry experts and combine with English and Maths (Functional Skills) and technical knowledge to make up the full Apprenticeship framework.

Vocational training has proven to improve staff retention, motivate staff, encourage creativity, create a heightened learning culture and gives an employee a better knowledge and understanding of your company’s needs and values.

Each member of staff studying for an Apprenticeship is supported by an assessor. The assessor will meet the member of staff on a regular basis in branch, to observe, check progress and ensure that their learning is progressing in the planned way. The branch manager will also be involved in review meetings to ensure that the Members needs are being met by the Apprenticeship programme.

To find out more about vocational training and what’s on offer, please contact the EDA on +44 (0)20 3141 7350 or by email

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“It has been a brilliant decision and I would recommend the EDA’s vocational training to anybody that wants to strengthen their skills and progress within the industry”

James Foster - Newey & Eyre, Exeter July 2011